Choice Gems Co is a United States based company that specializes in providing the finest rough gems and precision-cut colored gemstones ethically sourced from around the world to gem cutters, jewelers, collectors, investors, brides and designers.

With over 15 years of being in the business we are able to leverage our vast connections, mining concessions, and relationships we have built over the years to bring you some of the finest quality colored gemstones in the market.

Our gems are ethically sourced, and our business activities provides hundreds of direct and indirect jobs to miners and dealers in places we source them. If you are looking for a unique and rare piece that is not seen in the everyday jewelry store, then you are in the right place. We strive to satisfy each and every client. Contact us today to make a request!

If you are in the Seattle area and want to see some of our collections, kindly send an email to schedule a private viewing.


Choice Gems Co core values are hinged on

  • Integrity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Knowledge